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Student Artist of the Month Program

Student Artist of the Month by Chesapeake energyThe Appalachian Education Initiative and Chesapeake Energy ( are teaming up to recognize West Virginia public high school juniors and seniors who excel in school arts programs and demonstrate leadership and excellence in other education and community activities. The new Student Artist of the Month program begins this month and continues through the school year.

“One of our primary goals at AEI is to increase awareness of the importance and value that arts education brings to our public school students,” said Lou Karas, AEI executive director. “We are pleased that Chesapeake Energy chose to partner with us and help us emphasize that arts programs are a necessary component of public education for all students. Children who participate in the arts learn creativity and self confidence that will enhance their lives no matter what career path they choose.”

“It is appropriate that we introduce our program this month because October is National Arts and Humanities Month,” said Jack Thompson, public relations coordinator for Chesapeake Energy. “While our business deals with exacting calculations and science, we know very well that employees who are creative and skilled in the critical thinking processes that they learn through the arts are some of our very best.”

Each month AEI and Chesapeake Energy will select one student from those who are nominated. That student will be featured on the AEI web site along with photos and an interview. To be nominated for the recognition, a student must meet five criteria, according to Karas. A student must…

  • Be a junior or senior attending a West Virginia public school,
  • Participate on an ongoing basis in a visual or performing arts program and have mastered that art or progressed in the field as a result of school-related activities,
  • Be in good academic standing ,
  • Participate in other extracurricular activities or community activities that do not have to be arts related, and
  • Demonstrate leadership skills.

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