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September 12 – 18 designated Arts in Education Week

The U.S.  House of Representatives recently passed a resolution (H.Con.Res.275) designating the second week of September as Arts in Education Week.  This is the first Congressional resolution to support celebrating all of the arts education disciplines:  dance, music, theater and visual arts.  The resolution supports the message that arts are instrumental to developing well-rounded education and providing valuable skills that students will use throughout their lives.

“This is a very positive move for encouraging arts education in our schools and one that the Appalachian Education Initiative believes will add weight to the need to aggressively promote and fund arts education,” said Lou Karas, executive director of the Appalachian Education Initiative (AEI).  As the nonprofit statewide organization that supports and promotes arts education  in public schools, AEI provides research, advocacy and communications programs that build the case for arts in education.

“This resolution comes at an important time,” Karas said.  “Congress is making plans to overhaul federal education policy through the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  The House Resolution highlights the critical link between arts skills and preparing children to have a competitive edge in the global economy.”

Karas encourages teachers, parents and communities to take the opportunity during Arts in Education Week to share the stories of arts education successes, promote arts in education and celebrate the programs that are now being offered.  “We can take this week to recognize the good programs and to talk about how we can build on those to ensure that all students have strong arts education classes,” she said.